Grant Programs

The Gloria Baylis Foundation collaborates with Canadian charities annually. Discover our recent partners and their impactful contributions to access and opportunity.

What We Fund

Our Grant Programs fund three key areas, championing initiatives for a prosperous and sustainable future locally in Canada and globally.

and Well-being

We believe that optimal health and well-being are fundamental rights for all. We are committed to supporting initiatives that promote improved health outcomes, innovative healthcare solutions, preventative care, and holistic well-being. Our aim is to ensure every individual can lead a more fulfilled life.

Funding Themes:
  • Integrated and innovative healthcare solutions

  • Food assurance and security

  • Mental Health and well-being

Education and
Development Opportunities

We believe that everyone, regardless of their background, deserves the opportunity to thrive, especially youth.

We support efforts that equip individuals with the skills, resources, and opportunities to reach their full potential.

Funding Themes:
  • Education and learning opportunities.

  • Skills and Career Development.

  • Enrichment initiatives.

Community Support
and Advancement

We believe that all communities, especially marginalized ones, deserve recognition, respect, and opportunities to flourish, regardless of their origins.

Our Foundation champions programs that amplify their voices, address inequalities, and foster empowerment and growth.

Funding Themes:
  • Community and safe spaces.

  • Knowledge and awareness.

  • Capacity and resilience.

How it Works

Canadian organizations aligned with our funding priorities are invited to apply to our Grant Programs, which range from one-time donations to multi-year support.

There are no deadlines for any of the grant programs; applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Grant Types

Registered charities and qualified donees are welcome to apply for any type of grant depending on the needs of their organization. Non-qualified donees are only eligible to apply for project grants funding at this time.

Project Grants

Project grants are primarily single-year and designated for particular programs or activities.

Capacity Building Grants

Capacity-building grants provide targeted investments to enhance internal capabilities, knowledge, and resources.

General Operating Grants

General operating grants are provided to organizations to cover costs necessary to achieve their mission.

Grant Application

Charitable organizations interested in applying for a grant are encouraged to complete the grant application form.

It is important to note that the review committee may request a meeting or additional information as part of their evaluation process.

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