Legacy of
Gloria Baylis

"When asked, "Why do you do what you do?" Gloria Baylis responded, "I try to help people. It's what I've always done."

Gloria Baylis - Founder

Born in Barbados, Gloria made a significant impact as a Canadian trailblazer. Working as a dedicated nurse in Montreal's leading hospitals, she was known for her patient-first ethos. Her influence, however, extended far beyond her role in healthcare. In 1964, Gloria made history by fighting and winning Canada's landmark employment-related racial discrimination case, underscoring the critical importance of equality in the workplace.

In 1986, fueled by her dedication to healthcare innovation, Gloria established the Baylis Medical Company. Her nursing background fostered a patient-centric philosophy that remains a cornerstone of the organization. Guided by her son, Frank Baylis, and business partner, Kris Shah, the company evolved into a premier Canadian medical enterprise.

Beyond work, Gloria advocated for continuous learning, equal opportunities, and social responsibility. These principles crystallized into her company's core values, which still inspire its employees today.

Gloria's journey is a testament to determination, vision, and passion. Her endeavors seamlessly blended healthcare and advocacy, forging a legacy of progress and equality. Under the leadership of Frank Baylis, the Gloria Baylis Foundation aspires to honor and extend this legacy both in Canada and around the world.

Gloria Baylis Foundation

Our mission, vision and values direct our actions and the manner in which we operate.


We foster collaboration and understanding, amplifying individual strengths through collective efforts.


We prioritize kindness and compassion and uphold the dignity and value of every individual.


We act with consistent transparency and responsibility, ensuring our actions mirror our commitments.


We lead by example, championing innovative initiatives that serve as beacons for positive change.


We lead by example, championing innovative initiatives that serve as beacons for positive change.


To enhance the lives of individuals by providing access to education, healthcare and  equal opportunities for community advancement.


A world where everyone has equal access to education, healthcare, and opportunity.


Our team contributes a diverse range of perspectives, experiences, and educational backgrounds to our grant-making process.

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Kris Shah


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Valerie Baylis

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Patrick Quinn

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Director, Finance

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